Regenerating Tissues for a Variety of Markets

Our platform technology simplifies regeneration and allows the cells to function naturally. With our launch product, SkinTE, we aim to be the first company to successfully supply an autologous construct to regenerate a patient’s skin due to a variety of injuries and conditions.

With success in the burn market, we plan to enter the acute and chronic wound markets, cosmetic/scar revision markets and an untapped hair regeneration market.


A simple process allows PolarityTE to utilize a small sample of a patient’s own skin to deliver polarized fully functional skin regeneration.

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Both cortical and cancellous bone regenerate when the PolarityTE Platform is applied. Something that has never been seen before.


The Holy Grail of tissue engineering – capillary bed formation and a vascular supply. PolarityTE can pull it off. Welcome to the Shift.


It’s time to up the game for soft tissue reconstruction. How about muscle regeneration? Contractile skeletal muscle constructs are reality.


Cartilage regeneration is right around the corner using the PolarityTE Platform. Is it time to finally battle arthritis with the appropriate weapon – autologous tissue?


Peripheral nerve regeneration has been lacking a key component for decades – cellular support. PolarityTE plans to change that.


Fat grafting has disrupted the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery in recent years. What if you could have an endless supply of fat for future application after a single harvest? On demand autologous fat for your patients? That’s where we’re headed.

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