Using our investigational platform technology, we seek to regenerate full-thickness, fully-functional skin in humans with our launch product, SkinTE. The process we are developing should allow a patient's own skin to be fully expanded from a small biopsy, and then regenerate all layers (epidermis & dermis), hair and appendages - which has never been done before.


SkinTE Regenerative Progression

SkinTE Results in Scarless Healing with Hair Growth

Control Wound Results in Contracted Scar

Manufacturing Process

In a preclinical (murine) model, the enhanced healing can be seen with the naked eye

Our SkinTE construct is designed to harness the the power of natural tissue polarity to establish a robust micro-environment for regeneration

Skin is so much more than just keratinocytes. The largest organ in the human body requires intricate interactions and polarity to function. Recognizing this allows hair follicle/shaft and appendage regeneration.

Recognition of hierarchical tissue allows for nascent hair follicle/shaft development and complete third degree burn wound healing in preclinical models

And our SkinTE Platform has demonstrated regenerative capacity across a wide spectrum of scaffolds, including readily available and off-the-shelf marketed products, providing ample opportunities for strategic partnerships.

 Welcome to the Shift™

Regenerative and angiogenic/vasculogenic transcriptomics and proteomics are upregulated in the setting of SkinTE regenerative construct when applied to full-thickness third degree burn wound models. The science and data are robust – it’s time to make SkinTE a clinical reality.

Welcome to the Shift

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