Using our platform technology, we are able to regenerate full-thickness, fully functional skin. This simple process allows the patient’s own skin to be fully expanded from a small biopsy. The expanded skin regenerates ALL LAYERS (EPIDERMIS & DERMIS), HAIR and APPENDAGES, which has never been done before.


The enhanced healing can be seen with the naked eye

Our SkinTE construct harnesses the power of natural tissue polarity to establish a robust micro-environment for regeneration

Skin is so much more than just keratinocytes. The largest organ in the human body requires intricate interactions and polarity to function. Recognizing this allows hair follicle/shaft and appendage regeneration.

Recognition of hierarchical tissue allows for nascent hair follicle/shaft development and complete third degree burn wound healing in preclinical models

And our SkinTE Platform has demonstrated regenerative capacity across a wide spectrum of scaffolds, including readily available and off-the-shelf marketed products, providing ample opportunities for strategic partnerships.

 Welcome to the Shift™

Regenerative and angiogenic/vasculogenic transcriptomics and proteomics are upregulated in the setting of SkinTE regenerative construct when applied to full-thickness third degree burn wound models. The science and data are robust – it’s time to make SkinTE a clinical reality.

Welcome to the Shift

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