Clinical Board of Advisors

Wayne J. Saunders

Dr. Wayne J. Saunders is the Chief of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dentistry at St. Luke’s University Hospital where he oversees a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals Read More

Wayne J. Saunders , DMD

Michael P. Grant

Dr. Michael P. Grant is the Paul N. Manson Distinguished Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center Read More

Michael P. Grant , MD, PhD, FACS

Anand R. Kumar

Dr. Anand R. Kumar is a Professor in the Departments of Plastic Surgery and Pediatrics at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. As a pediatric plastic/craniofacial surgeon and basic science researcher. Read More

Anand R. Kumar , MD, FACS, FAAP

Martin C. Robson

Emeritus Professor at the University of South Florida, Dr. Robson previously served as President of the American Burn Association, where he received its Distinguished Service Award, and as President of the Wound Healing Society. Read More

Martin C. Robson , MD, FACS, Hon. FRCS, Hon. FRACS

William L. Hickerson

Dr. William L. Hickerson is currently the Chief of Burn Surgery and the Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of Tennessee-Health Science Center College (UTHSC). Read More

William L. Hickerson , MD, FACS

Jeffrey W. Shupp

At MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Dr. Jeffrey W. Shupp is the lead investigator of the Firefighters' Burn and Surgical Research Laboratory as well as the Director of the Burn Center. Read More

Jeffrey W. Shupp , MD

Mark S. Granick

Dr. Mark Granick is currently the Professor and the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Dr. Granick is affiliated with St. Barnabas Medical Center. Read More

Mark S. Granick , MD

David J. Smith, Jr.

Dr. David J. Smith, Jr. is currently the Richard G. Connar Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at the University of South Florida, and serves as the Chief Medical Officer for the Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation. Read More

David J. Smith, Jr. , MD

Gerhard S. Mundinger

Dr. Gerhard S. Mundinger is the Director of Plastic Surgery at the Children's Hospital of New Orleans, and an Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery and Assistant Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center i Read More

Gerhard S. Mundinger , MD

Trinity J. Bivalacqua

Trinity J. Bivalacqua, MD, PhD, is the R. Christian B. Evensen Professor of Urology and Oncology and Director of Urologic Oncology at the James Buchanan Brady Urologic Institute at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Read More

Trinity J. Bivalacqua , MD, PhD

Shannath L. Merbs

Dr. Shannath L. Merbs is a Professor of Ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins School. She has focused her practice on treatment of disease of the tissues surrounding the eyes, eyelids and eye sockets. Read More

Shannath L. Merbs , MD, PhD, FACS

Ryan Katz

Dr. Ryan Katz currently practices as an orthopaedic surgeon, board-certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and fellowship trained in hand surgery at Medstar Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, MD. Read More

Ryan Katz , MD, FACS

Stephen Milner

Dr. Stephen Milner MB.BS, BDS, DSc, FRCS(Ed), FACS is the former Director of the Johns Hopkins Burn Center, Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Read More

Stephen Milner , MD, DDS, DSc, FRCSE, FACS

Michael W. Neumeister

Dr. Michael W. Neumeister is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery and The Elvin G. Zook Endowed Chair in Plastic Surgery at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield, IL. Read More

Michael W. Neumeister , MD, FRCSC, FACS

Maurice Nahabedian

Dr. Maurice Nahabedian, MD, FACS is an attending plastic surgeon at the National Center for Plastic Surgery in Virginia and former Professor and Section Chief of Plastic Surgery Read More

Maurice Nahabedian , MD, FACS

Anthony P. Tufaro

Dr. Anthony P. Tufaro is a Professor of Surgery and Chief Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Read More

Anthony P. Tufaro , MD, DDS, FACS

Michael Callahan

Dr. Michael Callahan practices as a tropical and disaster medicine physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He also serves as president of the Division of Cellular Therapeutics at United Therapeutics. Read More

Michael Callahan , MD, DTM&H, MSPH

Richard Swanson

Dr. Richard Swanson is Chief of Surgery at Cambridge Health Alliance in Boston and Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. Read More

Richard Swanson , MD