Where Self Regenerates Self®

At PolarityTE, we’re aiming to be the first company to truly deliver regenerative medicine into clinical practice, fulfilling the long unmet promise that tissue engineering has failed to meet. We utilize a patient’s own cells and tissues to regenerate functionally-polarized human tissue. PolarityTE is built on the principle that self must regenerate self. Any other scenario is a smokescreen.

We are revolutionizing regenerative medicine and inducing a paradigm shift through our innovative platform technology, incredible team, expanding network and drive to be different.

Our Platform is Sparking a Paradigm Shift

At PolarityTE, our revolutionary platform technology is being developed to induce cell and tissue polarity, creating uniquely functional tissue to mirror natural development in the human body.

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Our Products are Optimized

Our first product is being optimized for clinical deployment targets skin regeneration, with all its layers (dermis, epidermis and hypodermis), hair and appendages. Skin regeneration will propel us into numerous other arenas, including bone, muscle, fascia, cartilage and nerve.

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Our Team is Experienced

Our team of seasoned professionals, including a team of reconstructive surgeons, possessing unmatched experience and knowledge of true clinical needs, will drive our platform towards a vast patient impact.

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Our Values are Guided by Our Foundations as Physicians

We are a company created by providers for providers and the patients they serve. Our founders left the practice of medicine to be able to serve more patients on a greater scale. Patients, providers and the advancement of all humanity is at the center of our work, and we are committed to upholding the highest ethical, professional and legal standards as members of the medical and broader global community.

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