PolarityTE is guided by our core values.

We are a company created by providers for providers and the patients they serve. Our founders left the practice of medicine to be able to serve more patients on a greater scale. Patients, providers and the advancement of all humanity is at the center of our work, and we are committed to upholding ethical, professional and legal standards as members of the medical and broader global community.

Inspired by Complex Simplicity

We appreciate that simplicity drives even the most complex systems—we acknowledge and investigate this reality to make ground-breaking discoveries and progress.

Patient and Provider Driven

We employ leading healthcare professionals and draw on their clinical experiences to ensure that the needs of providers and patients are at the center of all our work.

Responsible Leaders

We are committed to leading in every aspect of what we do—working deliberately with passion, intellect and integrity both as individuals and as pioneers in regenerative medicine.

Decidedly Daring

We commit to growing, adapting and seeking better solutions. Innovation comes from recognizing and learning from failure. Everyone fails—it is what you make of it that leads to something audacious.