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International Wound Journal
  • In Vivo Expansion and Regeneration of Full-Thickness Functional Skin with an Autologous Homologous Skin Construct: Clinical Proof of Concept for Chronic Wound Healing

    Authors  •   Mark S. Granick, Nicholas W. Baetz, Pratima Labroo, Stephen Milner, William W. Li, Nikolai A. Sopko



American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT)

Washington, DC

  • Podium  •  Novel Commercially Available Autologous Homologous Skin Construct Yields Neo-generation of Full-Thickness Skin Following Burn, Acute Traumatic, and Chronic Cutaneous Wounds that can be Genetically Modified

Diabetic Limb Salvage Conference

Washington, DC

  • Poster  •  Results of a Pilot Evaluation of a Novel Autologous Homologous Skin Construct Treatment of Diabetic Foot Wounds Refractory to Conventional Treatments

Diabetic Limb Salvage Conference (DLS)

Washington, DC

  • Poster  •  Closure of refractory complex diabetic foot ulcers using a single application of a new autologous homologous skin therapy for patients in the clinic setting

41st Annual Boswick Burn & Wound Symposium

Maui, Hawaii

  • Poster  •  Regeneration of Full-thickness Hair-bearing Skin and Dermal Appendages Using an Autologous Homologous Skin Construct in a Porcine Model of Large Full-thickness Wounds

Orthopaedic Research Society

Austin, Texas

  • Poster  •  Cortical and Cancellous Bone Regeneration in Critical-sized Calvarial Defect and Spinal Fusion Models Achieved Using Autologous Homologous Bone Constructs



Innovations in Wound Healing

Key West,Florida

  • Podium  •  Regeneration of Functional Skin

    Poster  •  Closure of Acute and Chronic Complex Wounds Involving Exposed Tendon and Bone with Full-Thickness Skin using an Autologous Homologous Skin Construct


Las vegas,Nevada

  • Poster  •  Autologous Homologous Skin Graft Regenerates Functionally Normal Skin Within a Chronic Nonhealing Leg Wound Refractory to Skin Grafting

Plastic Surgery – The Meeting

Chicago, Illinois

  • Podium  •  Replacement of Contracted Split-Thickness Skin Graft and Keloid Scar with a Self-Propagating Autologous Skin Construct (SkinTE™)

American Professional Wound Care Association

Baltimore, Maryland

  • Podium  •  Regeneration of Full Thickness Hair-Bearing Skin in Chronic Refractory Wounds with an Autologous Homologous Skin Construct: Preclinical and Clinical Experience Abstract/Slides

    Abstract  •  Slides
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