Building Strategic Partnerships

At PolarityTE, we are inspired by innovation and have the capability, experience and know-how to bring pioneering concepts and game-changing ideas to fruition in an efficient manner. We want to partner with people who share our drive and ambition to change the landscape of medicine. PolarityTE Subchannels provide an avenue for every major player in the development of revolutionary biomedical technology to collaborate and impact patients forever.


Do you have a cutting-edge technology ready for investment? The Polarity Investment Services Subchannel, PolarityIS, can transform your discoveries into professional business-ready opportunities ripe for investment. Once developed and refined, we can tap our extensive network of investors for detailed evaluation. The most important step to securing funding is a credible introduction. We can get you a seat at the table.


Are you in the process of creating a regenerative medicine product that could benefit from cellular augmentation? The Polarity Research and Development Subchannel, PolarityRD, is designed to partner with promising preclinical technologies by incorporating our functionally polarized cells into innovative delivery vectors to regenerate tissue. We can optimize our technologies and prepare for the appropriate FDA pathway together as a team.


Are you an academic or independent thought innovator that wants to bring your biomedical visions to reality? The Polarity Education Subchannel, PolarityED, provides a catalyst for exactly that purpose. Take advantage of our infrastructure and experience. We can launch your research to grant worthy levels, or even prepare for translation and commercialization. Get past the overhead and bureaucracy.


Does your company have a scaffold or vector utilized in wound care, bone healing, soft tissue reconstruction, nerve regeneration, or something similar? How about solid organ regeneration? The Polarity Integrative Technologies Subchannel, PolarityIT, targets complementary regenerative medicine technologies that can be combined with our revolutionary cellular platform. Don’t miss out on the most critical element for true tissue regeneration and be left in the dust . . . it’s time to step up your regeneration game with autologous functionally polarized cells. Let’s combine forces and develop the next generation of transformative tissue engineering products.


Do you have promising therapeutic candidates that require further preclinical testing and optimization? Do you want to know how your small molecule or biologic interacts with functionally polarized tissue? The Polarity Therapeutics Subchannel, PolarityRX, provides invaluable insight into the interactions of therapeutics with functional tissue utilizing our unique platform to grow tissue ex vivo the same way it functions in the human body. Utilize PolarityRX to efficiently develop lead candidates.