What is Polarity?

What is Polarity?

po•lar•i•ty: the asymmetric organization of cellular elements, which allows development of specialized tissue and downstream function.

The PolarityTE Platform

Our investigational PolarityTE platform is being developed to simplify regeneration and allow cells to function naturally. Using our revolutionary platform, we seek to induce cell and tissue polarity, creating uniquely functional tissue in a way that mirrors the natural development of the human body. Our goal is to apply the platform across all cells, tissues and composite structures, transforming tissue engineering into what has been envisioned since its inception.

How It Works

Our manufacturing process is simple and flexible.


After a small biopsy from a patient is sent to PolarityTE, the construct will be created and returned to the same patient for application.


Constructs are being developed to accommodate different sizes, and should be able to cover the entire body if needed. Our manufacturing process is also being developed to allow for cryopreservation to meet future patient needs.