Regenerative full-thickness, functional skin.

Skin is more than just layered cell, growth factors and scaffolds—the combination that current therapies are modeled from. It is more than a single layer to provide a barrier—it is the largest organ in the human body with numerous functions that require regeneration of all components and layers.

SkinTE is a first-of-its-kind entirely autologous, homologous product for skin repair, reconstruction, replacement, supplementation and regeneration. SkinTE has resulted in regenerative full-thickness healing of skin with all its layers (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis) and its appendages (hair follicles, glands, etc.). SkinTE is for the repair, reconstruction and replacement of full-thickness skin.

SkinTE Uses

SkinTE can be used by physicians and other medical providers to repair, reconstruct, replace or supplement a patient's damaged or missing skin tissue. It is currently being used by providers for the treatment of:

  • Wounds (acute & chronic)
  • Surgical reconstruction events
  • Burns (acute, subacute & burn reconstruction)
  • Scar revision
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Replacement of skin grafts or failed flap coverage

How is SkinTE used?

  1. Provider uses materials from the all-inclusive Harvest Box to take a small, full-thickness skin sample from the patient and return it to PolarityTE in the provided parcel.
  2. PolarityTE manufactures SkinTE.
  3. SkinTE is contained within a syringe and is returned to provider in all-inclusive Deployment Box as soon as same day, and typically within 48-72 hours based on providers’ requests.
  4. Provider applies SkinTE to patient’s wound/defect, covers with dressings and cares for wound/defect similar to standard of care for skin grafts.

Case Studies

SkinTE is a versatile product that can be used to treat any functional loss or void of skin. Learn more about clinical outcomes and how SkinTE has been used to treat specific types of wounds and skin defects.

These case studies are solely for the purposes of evaluating SkinTE for professional clinical use.

Chronic Wound Replacing Skin Graft Trauma Reconstruction #1 Trauma Reconstruction #2 Trauma Reconstruction #3 Necrotizing Fasciitis Lower Extremity Ulcer Mohs Surgery

SkinTE Support Documents

SkinTE was designed and developed to be simple for providers to use. Learn more about how to use SkinTE.

Reimbursement Information

As the landscape for reimbursement of medical services and products including SkinTE changes frequently, please consult payers and coding specialists, as needed. The SkinTE Reimbursement Guide can be a useful resource; it includes potential CPT and HCPCS codes for the application of SkinTE, both the harvest and deployment phases. For additional information with coding and reimbursement of SkinTE, please contact the PolarityTE Reimbursement Team at 1-800-284-0262, or email Learn more about reimbursement options for SkinTE.

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Access to the product sparking a paradigm shift

SkinTE is available for patients who have functional loss or void of skin/integument systems. SkinTE can be used as an adjunct and/or in place of skin grafting, temporizing skin coverage and/or skin substitute products.

Contact PolarityTE for more information about clinical use of SkinTE: or 1-800-476-6057

For more information about reimbursement for SkinTE contact: or 1-800-284-0262

To order SkinTE contact:

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About SkinTE™

SkinTE is a fully autologous (from the patient for the patient), homologous (utilized as a skin substrate) cutaneous construct which should only be used by skilled medical professionals.

SkinTE is intended to be used by physicians or other appropriate healthcare providers for homologous uses of skin tissues/integument.

SkinTE is processed and marketed in accordance with the FDA's requirements for human cellular, tissue, and cellular and tissue-based products, and current good tissue practices (21 CFR 1271).

Important Safety Information

Proper aseptic procedural and/or surgical handling is mandatory when using SkinTE. Failure to ensure proper aseptic technique may result in contamination of the tissue product and wound bed. Contamination of the tissue product and/or wound bed due to failure to ensure aseptic technique could result in local, regional, or systemic infection, partial or complete failure of graft take, healing, and/or regeneration, serious injury, and/or death. Failure to follow instructions may lead to sub-optimal outcomes and/or product failure. Pathology that would limit the blood supply and compromise healing, nonvascular surgical sites, and general medical condition should be considered when selecting patients for SkinTE. Such conditions may compromise successful outcomes or lead to sub-optimal results.

Potential adverse effects may include but are not limited to the following: local tissue, wound bed, regional tissue, or systemic infection, hypersensitive, allergic, or other immune response to the product or trace amounts of antibiotic retained from primary harvest, deleterious effects on potential surrounding or adjacent autologous, allogeneic, or xenogeneic grafts, skin substitutes, or other reconstructions including infection and/or failure of adjacent grafted material to take and heal, requirement for further surgical operations(s) and/or debridement, or death.