Patient-Specific Approach

At PolarityTE, we are leveraging our patient-specific approach to develop novel treatments for patients dealing with a wide range of the most complex wounds.

Skin is more than cells creating a barrier. It is the largest organ of the human body, with complex architecture and appendages, such as hair follicles and sweat glands, and important physiologic functions, such as the ability to fight infection and regulate body temperature.

Wounds are a breakdown of the skin caused by various factors such as pressure, poor blood flow, and infection. In some patients, the damage to the skin is severe enough that wounds stay open for months or years, a condition known as chronic wound.

Complex Wounds

At PolarityTE, we are currently focused on developing treatments for complex wounds. These complex wounds include common and often challenging chronic wound types: diabetic foot ulcers, pressure injuries, and venous leg ulcers. These complex wounds also include acute wounds including non-healing surgical traumatic and burn wounds.

Personalized Treatments

We are striving to create personalized treatments manufactured from the patient’s own skin. Using a proprietary process, we create SkinTE®—an autologous heterogeneous skin construct (AHSC) that includes multicellular segments with varied cellular populations found within skin. SkinTE is applied topically to the patient’s wound.