Our Technology

Regenerative Cellular Biology

At PolarityTE, our research is designed to deepen our understanding of skin’s complex regenerative cellular biology and use this understanding to develop new therapies for treatment of the most complex wounds, in patients with limited treatment options. We leverage our highly skilled in-house R&D team to rapidly move these strategies and therapies from bench to bedside, with the goal of delivering treatments to the patients that need them the most.

Our lead investigational product is SkinTE®, an Autologous Heterogenous Skin Construct (AHSC) that is based on our proprietary Minimally Polarized Functional Unit (MPFU) technology, and is a novel and differentiated approach to wound care that includes the following characteristics:


Autologous tissue:

Utilizes a patient’s own viable (living and healthy) tissue, unlike other products made from allogeneic tissue (i.e., tissue from another human) or xenogeneic tissue (i.e., tissue from an animal), which carry risks of rejection.



Multicellular segments which engraft in the wound bed, which is especially important in the most complex wounds and austere local wound environments.



AHSC leverages multicellular segments that include varied cellular populations found within skin and regenerates functional tissue thereby closing wounds.

  • (A) Hair-bearing full-thickness skin closure of a full-thickness wound on a nude mouse
  • (B) Full-thickness human skin and human hair follicle regeneration within a mouse wound
  • (C) regeneration of SOX9 (green) expressing endogenous regenerative cells important for skin development and repair

*Animal models are not necessarily predictive of clinical outcomes